Thursday, September 6, 2012

Traffic 2012 Auction Domain Name List

Here is a copy of the list of domains posted on targetedtraffic 2012. For anyone that hasn't had a chance to review what is going on. It appears that the Domain King, Rick Schwartz is focused on bringing in valuable domains that are well priced.

Gtld domains in the .com extension as we've blogged about before are being shown here. He keeps adding to the list but the fact that 3 domains are being sold that are gtld related speaks volumes about the premium quality and potential of the gtld market. This could very well be one of the few opportunities to buy a gtld .com

The following growing list is not the complete list, but we are about a month prior to the auction and some incredible names have been added.

The 2012 Traffic Auction will have High Quality Premium Domains!

Lot #101 (No Reserve)
Lot #102 ($1 Reserve)
Lot #103 (Aggressively Priced)
Lot #104 ($1000 Reserve)
Lot #105 (Awaiting Signed Contract)
Lot#106 (No Reserve)
Lot#107 ($1000 Reserve)
Lot#108 (Guaranteed Placement)
Lot#109 (Guaranteed Placement)
Lot#110 (Guaranteed Placement)
Lot#111 (No Reserve)
Lot#112 (Aggressively Priced)
Lot#113 (No Reserve)
Lot#114 (Low Reserve)
Lot#115 (No Reserve)
Lot#116 (No Reserve)
Lot#117 (No Reserve)
Lot#118 (Priced well)
Lot#119 (Opportunity knocking)
Lot#120 7400 August type ins (Greatly Reduced)

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