Saturday, September 8, 2012

Namepros Traffic Auction Thread Sparks Serious Debate over the Future of Live Domain Auctions!

Seems namepros regulars think the live auction format is dead. We'll it aint the year 2000 anymore and seing the large domain sales and bidding wars may never be as high as they once were but in the face of the 2012 economy this event is brining in some values.

Hold On....The TRAFFIC 2012 auction is set to draw in big bidders.

More money than ever is being spent in the domain industry than ever before. With new gtld extensions and 100's of applicants spending millions of dollars on generic top level domain extensions there is more buzz and debate within the domain industry than ever.

I don't think there is much uncertainty within the .com community as the general feeling is that .com's will always hold their value and they might be right! There will be some competition, but as for the auction its anybodys guess on what the outcome is going to be.

Thousands of domains are submitted for the Traffic auction. Few are selected!

The fact that (3) gtld domains are running for sale at low to no reserve suggests that people know big money is being spent on gtld domain extensions and if that is the case big money is likely to be made off them. Important keyword domains like 'gtld forum' and 'gtld attorney' will become heavily utilized domain in the future.

Chances are these are going to be sold for incredible values. However, for big domainers who may know better than any what the potential is for new gtld's and just how greatly they are going to affect the domain market these may very well generate some interest. We know for sure that at no reserve pricing they will be sold!

Check out the namepros traffic 2012 auction thread here.

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