Saturday, October 20, 2012

gtlds pro introduces professional brand website

All business and brands should take notice of a new professional generic top level domain website promoting gtlds through a popular alternative brand website. If you are going to get the inside scoop on new extensions choose a leading website built on a cutting edge brand. 

gtld's are set to change the landscape of online business forever. If your business is not prepared as most aren't for this tremendous challenge to the way traditional online business is conducted then you need to get resources that will help prepare you for how to strengthen your current brands. 

Some people would consider this defensive brand protection...we'll the bottom line is that if you operate an online business and want to know how to build on your existing brand than having great resources from top industry professional is the way to do it. The site is gtld (dot) pro

Monday, October 8, 2012 sells at traffic auction for 1,750.

Gtldforum is one of many gtld .com's that prove that there is a strong market for gtld domains online. The traffic auction is a domainers auction so it wouldn't be surprising to see the domain resold in the next few years or developed as typically traffic domains are worth at least 10x what they are sold for at this auction. A great buy at 1,750.

Buy other gtld domains at facts pro's pro store today! No reasonable offer refused!!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

GTLDFORUM.COM to be sold tomorrow at TRAFFIC AUCTION!

GTLDFORUM.COM sells tomorrow at traffice. It's amazing how much the domain name has been recommended by more than one website. This photo shows (2) features on the front of tonight highlighting as a top pick to buy at tomorrows auction.

This is your last chance to buy so don't miss out on this gem. gtld's are going to be a multi-billion dollar business. Owning will put you at the center of it all!! Get your bids in on this one.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Phone Bidding For Lot106, no reserve domain at TRAFFIC auction closes October 5'th.....Auction to be held on October 8'th!, lot106 on the updated traffic auction domain list will be sold. There is limited phone bidding available so serious minded domain investors looking to bid on this domain should call in immediately to ensure that you have a space to phone bid. 

Anyone attending TRAFFIC can bid on or any other domain at the TRAFFIC show, however if you are phone bidding the spaces are limited. This is the reason you should call in today to not risk losing a spot for any domain you are seeking to buy at the show. 

Found a great posting on, by Morgan who had some great points as to why online bidding doesn't work for the traffic auction...when phone bidding is more secure and the way to go!! See the full post here on why traffic auction will revitalize live auctions!

You want to be a part of a live auction and want to bid, then its easy to apply directly on targeted traffic, the official traffic website to be approved. You can apply for traffic phone bidding here.

Want top names to bid on....See this blog posting by nametalent who doesn't have any domains at the show. They included as one of their top 10 picks for the traffic auction. Most domain sites have been covering more and more the gtld tsunami and commenting process which speaks largely about how large of an impact gtld's or generic top level domains are going to have on the internet. Few people including ourselves realize the full impact that gtld's are going to have but we do know that gtld's are going to bring billions of dollars online

gtld's are going to bring billions of dollars online...buying at the traffic auction is a rare opportunity to own a gtld .com in a proven online business model type.

This is a limited opportunity to bid on and being selected along with 3 gtld oriented domains out of 100 lots in this years auction suggests that gtld domains are going to be big business whether you are in support of gtld's or not...I think most people see how many dollars companies are spending to get their hands on just the first round of gtld applications.

learn more about, lot#106 at the traffic auction official website where you can sign up today till October 5'th before the auction starts on October 8'th..don't wait! traffic auction information for

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Traffic Auction 2012 and big domain fumble!

Traffic auction was just announced officially along with a funny portion about! This is a story you need to read as waiting to late on a domain name can result in missed opportunities.

The 2012 traffic auction appears full of opportunities. There is as alot of discussion building around domain forums and a nice traffic 2012 thread on name pros discusses names that namepros members have gotten into the auction.

2012 Traffic Auction is a Buyers domain market!

Yes, with over 1/2 the domains at no reserve prices you can bet that buyers are going to get in. With listed at no reserve I think the argument that having a reserve means low value is thrown straight out the window. Domainer sellers are exhibiting confidence in both the auction and the value of their domains with no reserve listings...which should do the job and draw in buyers.

3 Gtld domains inlcuding, and  are in the auction

I know we've been working to demonstrate the value of, but all the gtld domains are incredible investments and will most likely return considerable returns to the cost of what they sell for in this domain. It would not be surprising for a forward thinking forum operator or domainer to develop gtldforum into a world class web forum on new gtld's.

Headlines in top domainer news blog sites have been discussing the impact of new gtld's for some time now. Groups are coming out of the woodwork against gtld health related extensions such as American Hospital Association .health comments. There is going to be so much debate, litigation and discussion that comes along with the 1000's of new gtld's set to hit the internet that owning a forum geared to new gtld's is an instant business.

Why do Seller sell their premium domains at Traffic Auctions?

Generally, domainers reach a point where they choose to sell domains. Each domainer has a reason why they may hold or sell a specific domain. The reason is for sale is that the owner has other projects that this sale could raise money for. Sometimes domain owners recognize serious potential for a domain like, but are not set to deliver on the potential of that domain. This is a domain that should be developed in full force to capitalize on the growing gtld market.

No one can know what gtldforum is going to be worth in the future, but forum operators could seriously bank on the gtld market with this domain. Millions of dollars are going to be spent on advertising and forums gather a user base of customers to market too. There is no question that forums can be very successful businesses.

Who knows! domainers may have to wait like the Dallas Cowboys waited till it's too late to recognize the value of owning a premium domain. The internet is very fast paced and the gtld Tsunami has not yet hit....but when it does it would be an incredible benefit to have a developed forum sitting in the middle of this space.

Where can I get information about Traffic 2012 Auction?
How Can I bid if I'm not attending Traffic 2012?

"Bidding for the 2012 Domain Auction is reserved for those attending the show or qualified telephone bidders. To request telephone bidding, qualified bidders must complete a request form at The current auction list may be viewed at The 2012 Domain Auction list will be finalized as the show opens."

Yup, that is a quote from the official traffic auction 2012 press release that everyone should read as the how Cowboys bit is pretty funny in an ohh shitt! kind of way. More stories concerning the upcoming auction and talk of the 300 domain to be auctioned in 100 lots are at the following resources.

Ok make sure to follow gtld domains as they may be the best value of the show! Enjoy the following links.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How to Register for TRAFFIC 2012 Live Auction!

Register for the traffic domain auction this year is easy. According to the official traffic auction website, you simply contact them to Register for phone, text or pre-bidding by contacting mr800king (the at sign) no later than Friday October 5th.

Phone, Text or Pre-Bidding now Available...just email Mr800King!

Want to buy top domains at one of the worlds largest domain auctions? This auction has sold some of the largest domains including and other great domains. This year is being advertised to be very different and over 70% of the auction consists of affordable domains with low to no reserve.

No Excuse not to join the Auction...Signup Today!

People wanting an online auction platform are going to be disappointed but really? You can follow the auction by phone or text...or just send your bid in advance through pre-bidding.  Understanding the quality of domainers that show up for an event like this and making sure that everyone bidding is going to go through with the purchase means simply following their rules. Anyway, there are many ways to join in on the bidding.

Bid for GTLD .com domains...Could be one of the Best Values at the Show.

I've read that domains at this show are selected for the possibility of great returns vs. investment cost. Domains at this show have been selected from tens of thousands of submissions. You are automatically buying from a premium list which Rick Schwartz is putting his name behind.

Gtld .com domains could offer 100X multiples for what they are going to sell for at this auction. There is no better time to buy a gtld investment than at this auction. Think about it...gtld's will be swarming the market as early as 2013 and major players like Amazon, Google and Donuts have spent millions on generic top level domain extensions. You think this isn't going to be followed up by serious advertising and investment? This is the reason why gtld .com's are so important of an investment to buy now ahead of the curve.

Make sure to signup for the traffic auction and make sure to add to your watch list! is one of the first 5 domains added to the auction list and is in focus for this years traffic auction. Get ahead of the curve and buy this domain for a fraction of what it could be worth in just a few years. A storm is ahead of us and you will want this in your domain portfolio...or better yet as a developed online instant business!! Reap the benefits of gtld by buying gtld keyword .com domains.

Does the Market Realize Google's Considerable GTLD Investments yet? Why are Google's shares skyrocketing?

I highly doubt that the market knows about Google's gtld investments and applications, but there has to be something driving google's skyrocketing share price. If there is any substance to the rise than there needs to be a reason.

I recently read an interesting article on why Google has an assured future and it is extremely important in knowing why Google is making all the right moves in the face of it's competitors like Facebook and Apple. Google is a considerable position to be able to buy gtld's and offer them for free if they want which in return will expand the entire domain space.

Most people utilizing the web today haven't heard of new gtld extensions, but it is only a year or so away till they will. I assure you that with Google along with several other companies taking a serious land rush with gtld applications for domain extensions you can bet that billions of dollars will be followed up on advertising and other resources committed to the promotion and development of new generic top level domain extensions.

Google Gtld Application List is Long!

  1. ADS
  2. AND
  4. APP
  5. ARE
  6. BABY
  7. BLOG
  8. BOO
  9. BOOK
  10. BUY
  11. CAL
  12. CAR
  14. CHROME
  15. CLOUD
  16. CORP
  17. CPA
  18. DAD
  19. DAY
  20. DCLK
  21. DDS
  22. DEV
  23. DIY
  24. DOCS
  25. DOG
  26. DOT
  27. DRIVE
  28. EARTH
  29. EAT
  30. ESQ
  31. EST
  32. FAMILY
  33. FILM
  34. FLY
  35. FOO
  36. FREE
  37. FUN
  38. FYI
  39. GAME
  40. GBIZ
  41. GLE
  42. GMAIL
  43. GMBH
  44. GOO
  45. GOOG
  46. GOOGLE
  47. GUGE
  49. HERE
  50. HOME
  51. HOW
  52. INC
  53. ING
  54. KID
  55. LIVE
  56. LLC
  57. LLP
  58. LOL
  59. LOVE
  60. MAIL
  61. MAP
  62. MBA
  63. MED
  64. MEME
  65. MOM
  66. MOTO
  67. MOV
  68. MOVIE
  69. MUSIC
  70. NEW
  71. NEXUS
  72. PAGE
  73. PET
  74. PHD
  75. PLAY
  76. PLUS
  77. PROD
  78. PROF
  79. RSVP
  80. SEARCH
  81. SHOP
  82. SHOW
  83. SITE
  84. SOY
  85. SPOT
  86. SRL
  87. STORE
  88. TALK
  89. TEAM
  90. TECH
  91. TOUR
  92. TUBE
  93. VIP
  94. WEB
  95. WOW
  96. YOU
  98. ZIP
  99. みんな
  100. グーグル
  101. 谷歌

The complete list can be found at gtld reveal directly from ICANN