Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How to Register for TRAFFIC 2012 Live Auction!

Register for the traffic domain auction this year is easy. According to the official traffic auction website, you simply contact them to Register for phone, text or pre-bidding by contacting mr800king (the at sign) aol.com no later than Friday October 5th.

Phone, Text or Pre-Bidding now Available...just email Mr800King!

Want to buy top domains at one of the worlds largest domain auctions? This auction has sold some of the largest domains including cowboys.com and other great domains. This year is being advertised to be very different and over 70% of the auction consists of affordable domains with low to no reserve.

No Excuse not to join the Auction...Signup Today!

People wanting an online auction platform are going to be disappointed but really? You can follow the auction by phone or text...or just send your bid in advance through pre-bidding.  Understanding the quality of domainers that show up for an event like this and making sure that everyone bidding is going to go through with the purchase means simply following their rules. Anyway, there are many ways to join in on the bidding.

Bid for GTLD .com domains...Could be one of the Best Values at the Show.

I've read that domains at this show are selected for the possibility of great returns vs. investment cost. Domains at this show have been selected from tens of thousands of submissions. You are automatically buying from a premium list which Rick Schwartz is putting his name behind.

Gtld .com domains could offer 100X multiples for what they are going to sell for at this auction. There is no better time to buy a gtld investment than at this auction. Think about it...gtld's will be swarming the market as early as 2013 and major players like Amazon, Google and Donuts have spent millions on generic top level domain extensions. You think this isn't going to be followed up by serious advertising and investment? This is the reason why gtld .com's are so important of an investment to buy now ahead of the curve.

Make sure to signup for the traffic auction and make sure to add gtldforum.com to your watch list!

gtldforum.com is one of the first 5 domains added to the auction list and is in focus for this years traffic auction. Get ahead of the curve and buy this domain for a fraction of what it could be worth in just a few years. A storm is ahead of us and you will want this in your domain portfolio...or better yet as a developed online instant business!! Reap the benefits of gtld by buying gtld keyword .com domains.

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