Thursday, September 20, 2012

gtld forum spark heated debate! Gtld's are set to grow massively

Threads are already starting on forums concerning gtld debates. I recently found an interesting string of users that are wondering about the seo benefits of owning domains like or girls.girls.girls along with the potential for a string of litigation and more conflict regarding new gtld domains that are entering the marketplace.  Read more at this forum gtld thread!

gtld discussion will continue and only expand in the next few years to big levels of should be in the center of it and it's at auction soon at Traffic 2012 Oct. 8'th!

Whether you own a gtld, applied for a gtld application or just want to the advertising from a gtld forum that could easily gain revenue through advertising for the thousands of companies that are going to want domainers to register their new gtld's operating a forum could be a great online business plan for you.

Why is for sale? We'll sometimes owners see the value but aren't in the position to develop and operate a forum. There is no doubt the potential is there and is being listed for an incredible value with a no reserve listing.  This is an exceptional chance to get a great gtld domain at a steep discount to what it could be worth in just a few years.

The reality is that few domainers probably fully understand the value of gtld domains. The great opportunity here may not be in owning gtld's themselves, but in those that buy gtld .com brands that cater to the gtld market. Millions and Millions of dollars are most likely going to be spent on promoting these new gtld brands. A forum operator could easily expand their existing operations or a new startup company looking for a hot market business to get into could also develop this into a full online business. If you haven't seen this article on why's could become instant business...I recommend reading it.

Buy gtld to build an instant gtld business according to domainers

Great business starts with owning sought after domains in the .com channel. The industry knows it...Anyone interested in owning or want to put a bid in on this auction should sign up at or contact them to get setup for phone bidding. You don't have to go to the traffic event to join in on the bidding...just get prequalify. I've also read that you can put a bid in discuss that with them as well. should be developed now! Don't let it fall in the hands of a domainer that will sit on the domain or flip it in the next few years. Building an online forum business could be yours.

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