Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Traffic Auction 2012 and big domain fumble!

Traffic auction was just announced officially along with a funny portion about! This is a story you need to read as waiting to late on a domain name can result in missed opportunities.

The 2012 traffic auction appears full of opportunities. There is as alot of discussion building around domain forums and a nice traffic 2012 thread on name pros discusses names that namepros members have gotten into the auction.

2012 Traffic Auction is a Buyers domain market!

Yes, with over 1/2 the domains at no reserve prices you can bet that buyers are going to get in. With listed at no reserve I think the argument that having a reserve means low value is thrown straight out the window. Domainer sellers are exhibiting confidence in both the auction and the value of their domains with no reserve listings...which should do the job and draw in buyers.

3 Gtld domains inlcuding, and  are in the auction

I know we've been working to demonstrate the value of, but all the gtld domains are incredible investments and will most likely return considerable returns to the cost of what they sell for in this domain. It would not be surprising for a forward thinking forum operator or domainer to develop gtldforum into a world class web forum on new gtld's.

Headlines in top domainer news blog sites have been discussing the impact of new gtld's for some time now. Groups are coming out of the woodwork against gtld health related extensions such as American Hospital Association .health comments. There is going to be so much debate, litigation and discussion that comes along with the 1000's of new gtld's set to hit the internet that owning a forum geared to new gtld's is an instant business.

Why do Seller sell their premium domains at Traffic Auctions?

Generally, domainers reach a point where they choose to sell domains. Each domainer has a reason why they may hold or sell a specific domain. The reason is for sale is that the owner has other projects that this sale could raise money for. Sometimes domain owners recognize serious potential for a domain like, but are not set to deliver on the potential of that domain. This is a domain that should be developed in full force to capitalize on the growing gtld market.

No one can know what gtldforum is going to be worth in the future, but forum operators could seriously bank on the gtld market with this domain. Millions of dollars are going to be spent on advertising and forums gather a user base of customers to market too. There is no question that forums can be very successful businesses.

Who knows! domainers may have to wait like the Dallas Cowboys waited till it's too late to recognize the value of owning a premium domain. The internet is very fast paced and the gtld Tsunami has not yet hit....but when it does it would be an incredible benefit to have a developed forum sitting in the middle of this space.

Where can I get information about Traffic 2012 Auction?
How Can I bid if I'm not attending Traffic 2012?

"Bidding for the 2012 Domain Auction is reserved for those attending the show or qualified telephone bidders. To request telephone bidding, qualified bidders must complete a request form at The current auction list may be viewed at The 2012 Domain Auction list will be finalized as the show opens."

Yup, that is a quote from the official traffic auction 2012 press release that everyone should read as the how Cowboys bit is pretty funny in an ohh shitt! kind of way. More stories concerning the upcoming auction and talk of the 300 domain to be auctioned in 100 lots are at the following resources.

Ok make sure to follow gtld domains as they may be the best value of the show! Enjoy the following links.

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