Friday, August 31, 2012

gtld forum .com business for sale! is for sale and will be in the upcoming october 8'th Traffic auction. This premium domain will be sold and could sell at an attractive price. If you are seeking to own a new forum or expand your existing forum to an exceptional new .com domain!! This is the time to act. Gtld domains in the .com extension are going to be an incredible force going forward. A huge landrush of over 1,000 extensions is coming and domainers now have an opportunity to invest in this incredible opportunity without having to buy an extension themselves. gtld .com domains are being heavily offered on the Traffic auction block
If you are reading this article you most certainly are interested in owning or developing a forum business. If this is the case we want to present to you what we feel is an exceptional opportunity to own a premium domain and not pay end user prices. Yes, you can own a premium .com gtld domain and don't pay end user pricing! By signing up for the traffic auction you are able to bid on domains such as at discount pricing. Domains are hand selected out of thousands of domains submitted to be included for this event. Reducing the domains auctioned to just the very best and most relevant for business on the internet. This years auction list is growing. Out of the first dozen selected their are three domains that cater to the future gtld market! 3 domains is a huge indication of where the internet is going., gtldattorney and are all on the auction block at no reserve. I'm focusing on the forum domain as part of this article, but each of these domains indicate that gtld oriented .com domains are going to be heavily searched by companies and business who are spending hundred of millions of dollars on these generic top level domain applications collectively.
Services related to new gtld domains are going to represent a significant business opportunity!
You have to be forward thinking and domainers who are successful along with smart business people are going to agree that .com will always remain a positive investment. This is the opportunity to capture a significant part of the search traffic for the gtld keyword in the .com channel. People may disagree with gtld's and how successful they are going to be. But this is a brand new market opportunity that is rare to find on the internet. Ricksblog explains the gtld opportunity in this blog post that describes the business opportunity of owning a 'gtld' .com domain The domain industry is going to be overwhelmed in the next year with the introduction of thousands of domains. Searches are going to significantly increase as people try to make their way in the new tidal wave of domain extensions being offered online. Business will scramble and domainers will be wondering what to invest in and registrars will want to attract business while advertising revenues related to gtld specific searches are going to be huge! Money will be spent on new gtld's and the upcoming 2012 traffic auction appears to be well ahead of the curve! This auction is shaping up to be one hell of an event!

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