Saturday, August 18, 2012 seeks a new owner at TRAFFIC 2012 live auction

Gtld's are taking center stage at this years 2012 TRAFFIC auction. It is no surprise that with the amount of discussion and speculation surrounding new gtld extensions that .com domain which are expected to grow in value in face of the coming gtld's will be where people will search for information on new gtld extensions. .Com domains are only increasing in value and many established domainers believe that new gtld's will only draw more domainers into the mix and considerably grow the industry including the .com channel of domains which by far is the most popular extension. If you take into consideration the thousands of advertising dollars that promote .com from business worldwide you can understand why .com will remain the superpower of the internet. Who will profit from owning gtld .com extensions such as If you either operate a domain forum or want to build a forum this would be an exceptional opportunity to buy this domain at most likely an exceptional value. As a developed forum website you are attracting an active social network of users that are a target audience for services related to new gtld's. Popular forums are in a unique position to have a captive audience of members that contribute to the content of the site. Forum technology has been increasing with multiple forum php scripts where one can be built relatively inexpensively considering the open source software out there. If you manage a forum, moderate a forum or have even considered operating your own forum this could be a unique opportunity for you. will be sold at TRAFFIC 2012 in a no reserve auction
The value is here and by going to the main traffic auction website you will be able to sign up in advance for remote phone bidding from your own home or office. You don't have to attend the show to bid on domains. There will most likely be no online bidding as this type of auction is for qualified bidders and runs at the speed of a live auction. Domains at traffic typically won't sell at end user pricing. You are almost guaranteed to buy domains at domain investor pricing as domainers will not pay the same as end users. The current domains listed indicate that this year will bring expetional domain values as many premium quality .com domains are being listed at low to no reserve! If you are interested in reading more on the gtld domain forum auction you are welcome otherwise we'll see you on October 8'th as the TRAFFIC auction will be live!!

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