Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Should gtld .com Domains be Your Next Domain Investment?

domainers are always looking for the next big thing to make money either by reselling their domains by flipping them in a few years or monetizing domains through constructing a web site, leads generating or product sales. Well, Rick Schwartz posted an interesting article concerning the beginning of a potentially large business in new gtld's that anyone can have access to. Obviously buying a new gtld itself is out of reach for the average domainer or even large domainers since costs of owning an extension would exceed 250k for sure. However, gtld .com domains such as, and hundreds others that you can even hand register are on the market for sale. Ricks blog posted that gtld's are an emerging niche and while thousands of companies are investing billions of dollars into new gtld extensions there is opportunity in gtld .com's!! He's right! by searching .com domains there are many great combinations of relevant keywords still available. Which means if you can figure out how to develop a gtld domain that caters to the 1000's of new extensions rolling out beginning next year you could have a winner. As usual some of the better ones have been purchased and are going to be available this October at the TRAFFIC 2012 live auction. Anyone can participate in remote bidding by phone, but make sure to register prior to the actual live event. There is most likely going to be some real values at this auction and the way it is shaping up it will be worth checking in and watching the fireworks as some of these domains are set extremely low at no reserve which will certainly help generate some active bidding. gtld domains are here and available for the taking for those with the vision to invest into what will be a multi billion dollar industry! It is anticipated that new gtld's are going to bring an extraordinary amount of money into the internet eco system which is going to greatly expand the internet naming system. It's a rare opportunity to invest.

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